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PCL101: Air Adaptor Female 1/4in

Used with Airflow, Vertex, Twin Couplings, Non-Corrodible Couplings and Safeflow Safety Couplings
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Brand: PCL

PCL Air Adaptor Female 1/4in


Designed for use with Airflow and Vertex Couplings


Used in most workshop/garage environments

Wide choice of thread and hose tail sizes

Used with AirflowVertexTwin CouplingsNon-Corrodible Couplings and Safeflow Safety Couplings

Case hardened for longer life



Nominal bore: 4.8mm



Rectus 19


Product Length: 0.0000 m
Product Width: 0.0000 m
Product Height: 0.0000 m
Product Weight: 0.0000 kg
Product Packaging: 0.0000 kg