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Snap-in Valve 45mm Length 11.5mm Rim Hole x 100

Brand: TBD

Simple, effective and well priced. These tubeless tyre valves are made from rubber and contain a central valve core of metal. This is all that is required for inflating/deflating the tyre and providing an air seal.

The valve core provides the primary air seal in a tubeless valve, with a secondary seal by the plastic valve cap. The valve cap not only provides an air seal but also prevents dust and moisture from damaging the valve itself. This will lengthen the life of the valve.

The TR414L is slightly different to a standard TR414, as the length is slightly longer at 45mm

The maximum recommended speed when using tubeless tyre valves is 130mph. For safety reasons it is advised that if you exceed this speed you should use metal valves and not rubber.

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