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Super Hard Diamond Coated Round Micro files

Brand: IPA

Strong but flexible Specifically engineered sizes designed for small round connector types Diameter sizes range from .030" to .120" and 5" long For use in general filing applications such as steel, aluminum, plastic, brass, etc. Comes in a premium-quality holster with magnetic class Individual sizes are marked and available for replacements IPA? introduces the first complete set of tools for cleaning round pin type electrical terminals commonly used in Cannon, Deutsch, bullet type and general filing applications. Size ranges include: 0.030-0.040? (2) 0.040-0.50? (2), 0.050-0.60?, 0.060-0.070?, 0.070?-0.080?, 0.080?-0.090, 0.090?-0.100?, 0.100?-0.110?, 0.110?-0.120?, and 0.120?-0.130. Each tool features a super hard diamond abrasive coating. The smallest sizes are made from Stainless Spring wire for strength and flexibility. Commonly used in automotive, truck, industrial and military-type applications, the Female Bullet Connector Cleaner Set can also be used for general file type applications where small orifice cleaning is required. The set covers a total of 10 sizes with duplicate cleaners in the 0.030? and 0.040? range. Each file is marked and/or color coded for replacements.



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