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Rechargeable Wide Angle Head Torch - BLK

Brand: Coast

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Dual-colour White & Red Beam
The right light for the moment. The Dual-colour White & Red Beam combines an all-white Utility Beam for general use with a red, anti-glare beam that prevents ?night blinding? while also offering a tool for emergency signaling.
Hardhat Compatible
Rugged enough for the outside of the hardhat. COAST headlamps with Hardhat Compatible design include clips for attaching the light to the hat.
Control your light power with the push of a button. Cycle between full light, medium light and low light options.
Hinged Beam
Up, down, or straight ahead. All COAST headlamps feature a hinged, tilting head so that you can adjust the light?s direction and see right where you?re looking.
Reflective Strap
Stay visible in the dark. Some COAST headlamps feature a Reflective Strap to increase safety and ensure user visibility in low light.
Twist Focus
Dial in the shape of light you need for the situation. COAST?s Twist Focus system makes it easy to move between spot and flood beams by simply rotating the head of the flashlight.

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